Web Design / Development

  • post frame website

    Developed from the ground up, this was created to be an e-Commerce platform for a company that typically sold their product as a distributor. Focusing on the end-user, I fully created and managed this website which helped the company grow sales in geographic areas not readily serviced by their traditional channel. See full site

  • Bridal Fair Entry Form

    Bridal Fair Entry Form
    Created as part of a job application to showcase my abilities, this was a single page entry form for a bridal fair. The countdown timer was set to countdown to the actual event and was functional. This particular concept was never used publicly. See site 'live'

    • home page

      Main Home Page

    • ag projects home page

      Home Page: Agriculture Projects

    • commercial projects home page

      Home Page: Commercial Projects

    • metal building projects home page

      Home Page: Metal Building Projects

    • main products page

      Main Products Page

    • products sub-page

      Products Sub-Page

    • product detail page

      Product Detail Page

    • product use photos

      Product Use Photo Gallery

    • contact page

      Contact Page / Find Sales Rep

    • where to buy page

      Where to Buy Product Inquiry Page

    • search result page

      Search Result Page

    Corporate Website
    Coupled with a literature and branding re-vamp, this website was developed by a vendor to the company with my role being a project manager. I was in charge of gathering all of the required data/content, providing creative feedback and input and ensuring the project moved along as planned. The little development I did on this site was the "find a rep" new custoemrs feature on the contact page. The live site may have modifications from the images here as I no longer manage this website. See site live

  • smart retract

    Corporate Website
    Developed to coinscide with a company re-branding, this site was designed to reflect the current website most visited by customers in an effort to maintain an overall brand consistency. This site also included information about and the ability to buy all of the company products. See full site

  • rectract a gate

    Product Website
    Initially the only website for the company, upon the creation of the corporate site, this page became solely a product selling website focused on the individual product group: Retract-A-Gate. This site was already developed when I came on board, but I further developed it and made improvements to increase sales and traffic flow. See full site

    • home page

      Home Page

    • buy page

      Purchasing Page

    • product info

      Product Details Page

    • faq page

      FAQ Page

    • about page

      About Page

    • about page

      Contact Page

    Product Website
    As the company grew, new products were added into the offering. In order to maintain the overall brand image as well as increase web presence, I developed this product website for information and sales of the new product while keeping the overall look and feel consistent with the other two websites already in use by the company. The live site may be different from these images as I no longer manage this website. See site live