Rendering / Animation

  • roadside sign

    Farm Driveway Sign
    This farm was difficult to find because they had no roadside signage. Working with the owner to determine their desired look, these two options were ultimately presented with the one on the left being chosen.

  • pop up displays

    Trade Show Pop Up Displays
    The company already owned two pop up trade show signs, but the imagery and content were dated. As part of a brand refresh, I designed these two displays to showcase the four main product groupings of the company and allow them to re-use an item they already owned.

  • truck graphics

    Company Truck Graphics
    Having recently purchased a truck for local deliveries and event use, the company wanted - at minimum - the company name and product lines on the vehicle for additional exposure. Taking it a step further, I designed these graphics to be in line with the company brand as well as grab more attention while presenting the desired information.

  • truck branding

    Company Truck Graphic Options
    Wanting to refresh the graphics on their company truck, I designed three options with the attempt to make it look unique but also not over the top.

  • store front render

    Store Front Rendering
    As part of a personal project, I wanted to design and illustrate a store front that encompassed the brand message for a club that was upscale and exclusive, but not out of reach for the slightly younger crowd.

  • policital signs

    Political Campaign Sign
    I was approached by this man's wife to design some yard signs for a school county board campaign. The colors were chosen from the local school colors with these two options being presented.

  • product use animation

    Product Use Animation
    Customers regulalry asked how they could use the product for an opening wider than the standard dimensions. To help illustrate the usual written response, I created this animation to clarify how it would work.

  • product dual use

    Product Use Animation
    In an effort to showcase the benefit of an upsell product, I created this animation to exemplify one of the benefits of getting the accessory item.

  • bow wow logo

    Product Logo Animation
    To add some fun to a new product line, I illustrated this animation of the main part of the product logo. It has since served several uses.

  • bow wow logo

    Product Use Animation
    In order to showcase a potential useage of a product, I developed this simple image animation after orchestrating a photo shoot.

  • hungry beaver

    Name/Product Animation
    Part of a job application, I was asked to illustrate the name "Hungry Beaver". While I was never informed as to what the name or intended use was, I was told of a general concept that they wanted to be expanded upon.

  • company sign

    Company Sign
    With the re-branding of the company, their sign out front also needed to be replaced. This was the final option that was ultimately installed.