• dockside digital photograph

    While on a trip to New York, I captured this scene while waiting to take the ferry to Ellis Island as I was captivated by the monochromatic and repeating colors/shapes.

  • high street digital photograph

    "High Street"
    While walking downtown, I was mesmerized by the colors of the mirrored skyscrapers illuminated by the bright sunny day.

  • juxtaposed digital photograph

    While walking along the beach, I was fascinated with the stark juxtaposition of the rusty, iron colored man-made object thrust into the beautifully blue ocean.

  • the tourist digital photograph

    "The Tourist"
    The bright colors and gorgeous architecture almost feels lost upon realizing the tourist aspect of the scene.

  • secret door digital photograph

    "Secret Door"
    Contrasting against the gray wall, this door and surrounding greenery reminded me of what I envisioned while reading "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

  • vintage horizon digital photograph

    "Vintage Horizon"
    Taken in the smokey mountains of Tennesee and given a vintage look/feel in order to give the scene a profound historic effect.

  • meditation digital photograph

    Always transfixed by the subtle beauty of sacred spaces, this chapel and lighting turly brought a sense of awe in person which I tried to capture.

  • inspired digital photograph

    I took the original photo knowing I would heavily modify it later in an effort to replicate one of Marc Rothko's color field paintings.

  • morning dew digital photograph

    "Morning Dew"
    While walking through the woods one morning, I happened across this large mushroom with droplets of dew. Having alwasy enjoyed images of dew, I wanted to capture the scene for my own.

  • waiting space digital photograph

    "Waiting Space"
    I wanted to capture the organic lines throughout the park with a unique composition that spoke to the emptiness that too many beautiful parks are left with.

  • bay digital photograph

    "The Bay"
    The coloring of the shoreline and water combined with the ominous shadows and gate in the background gave me an ominous feeling but also a sense of beauty and calm in the often overlooked.

  • barn digital photograph

    "Red Door"
    I was struck by the composition of a bright red door in an otherwise drab color palette.

  • into the storm digital photograph

    "Into the Storm"
    Always fascinated with bridge acrhictecture, this particular instance had a strong storm front coming in (the front is in the uppoer right). Most boats and ships had left the river, but I was surprised to see a lone sailboat seemingly brave the coming storm by continuing on.

  • Common skyline digital photograph

    "Common Skyline"
    Struck by the sunset on the silhouetted city skyline, I realized not many capture the everyday beauty found in the common skylines of most cities.

  • liberty digital photograph

    One of the most photographed statues in history, I felt obligated to take my own and try to provide a somewhat freshened view.