Branding / Logo

  • corporate branding

    Corporate Brand Style
    The company wanted to re-envision their brand. I was tasked with the creative direction & feedback to the vendor with final approval made by my superiors for the initial project. Secondary design projects I created myself maintaining a cohesive image.

  • company branding

    Company Brand Concept
    I developed this brand concept as a fun project. The idea was to create a logo, business card and storefront image that encompassed the same feel.

  • company rebrand

    Company Re-Brand
    The company was expanding and wanted to re-brand to showcase their growing direction. The name had already been decided, so I was responsible for creating a logo, then brand image encompassing the new name and direction.

  • logo concept

    Company Logo Variations
    The company had recently switched ownership into a third generation. With the new owners, they wanted to create a refreshed image that was reminiscent of the old one. These logos were concepts developed for consideration amongst others developed by other designers.

  • bar logo

    Bar and Grill Logo
    A new bar and grill was opening in town, but they needed a new logo to replace the signage from the previous establishment. Working with the owner and manager, several colors and variations were attempted with this being the final selection.

  • personal logo

    Personal Logo
    In starting up my freelance work, as well as creating my own website, I wanted to have a personal logo and brand image that could be recognized by clients as well as potential employers.

  • home show logo

    Recurring Event Logo
    A local home show event had been going on for several years. However, there was previously no cohesive look to the event marketing materials. I developed this logo to provide a general image of what the event may contain as well as creating a consistent look to the event propaganda.

  • trout camp gif

    Annual Trip Logo
    A group of friends has been going on the same trip for many years. They wanted to commemorate the 25th (and subsequent) years by making shirts, hats etc. I was asked to create this logo - and update it each year or so - for use on any items they decide to make for rememberance.

  • spa logo

    Spa Logo Project
    To challenge myself, I decided to develop a spa logo that provided the feeling of a calm, relaxing place while still looking fresh and modern without using common imagry or font.

  • clock logo

    Clock Shop Logo Project
    For this project, I wanted to create a logo primarily comprised of text, while working in a hint of an image.

  • music school logo

    Music School Logo Project
    Since not all logos contain an image, I created this logo as a personal project in order to play with different logo layouts that did not utilize any images. Meiju was specifically chosen as it represents creativity, organization and hard work - all aspects that are required to be a successful musician.

  • pro-life logo

    Pro-Life Group Logo
    Partially out of personaly desire, but also as a challenge from a friend / mentor, I developed this logo for my college's pro-life group. The school colors are purple and gold, but part of the challange was to create a logo that made a usually "boring" group look fun and exciting.